The sole purpose of Dar us Saqalain Foundation is to create a chain of modern educational institutions immersed in our scholarly traditional values, which can empower students in their pursuit of Happiness & Success, imbibing the love of goodness and truth.

We intend to create morally committed generation of knowledgeable leaders with a holistic approach.

The explosion of knowledge about the brain and the nature of learning, combined with the growing power of technology, create the potential to transform even the most fundamental unit of learning – the interaction of the teacher and the learner. To create such type of a knowledge society, our collaborative efforts and networked forms of expertise, an opportunity to the students to develop their personal learning needs and develop individual expertise coupled with curiosity and creativity, use of diverse knowledge resources are on our priority list for schooling.

For the same, state of the art infrastructure within a modern conducive campus, coupled with on-campus housing shall be offered to all students, so that they find an abundance of opportunities for personal, intellectual and spiritual growth. Living on campus will provide the students with an opportunity to continue academic discussions outside the classroom, and build relationships that will endure beyond education.

We aim to foster a holistic environment of learning where enquiry, transmission and debate takes place as a way of life inside and outside the classroom.

Our aim is to provide modern indoor and outdoor sports and recreational facilities to attain essential health and hygiene levels, to keep them fit and energetic, thus making this a space where students and scholars can live, study and pray together; providing spaces for discovery and discussion, and privately for reflection and revision.