President’s Desk

Thanks to Allah, it’s indeed, a privilege, to preside over a versatile collegium of educationists and thinkers, under the spiritual guidance and mentorship of the great visionary saint, His Holiness, Shaykh Muhammed Saqalain Miya Huzoor Hafizahullah, who has dedicated himself completely for the cause of the striving Ummah through his spirituality, vision and efforts.

We seek blessings from the Most Compassionate, Ever Merciful Lord to help us achieve our goals and sustain our work for His Creation, for our Prophet Muhammed (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him) and for Him, the Exalted Almighty, during the short lifespan accorded to us on this planet

Several autonomous platforms affiliated to Aastana e Sharafatiya are having the blessed opportunity of serving Allah’s creation since several decades all over the subcontinent in various ways, to name a few, organising occasions of mass marriages, healthcare, facilitation of employment opportunities, feeding & clothing, traditional educational centres, and many more, to the deserving citizens. Our disaster management team has also strived for the natural calamity afflicted people by helping and catering to most of their basic needs. This indeed, has been our way to stay connected with people and serve them generously, for Allah’s pleasure, in every stratum of the society, irrespective of their caste, creed, race or colour.

It all began at the 50th Urs celebrations of our Patron Saint Hazrat Shah Sharafat Ali Miyan Radiallahu anhu in 2017 at Bareilly, India, where academicians and like-minded visionaries gathered amidst a huge crowd of over 300,000 devotees and enlightened the masses on the need of modern as well as traditional education for upliftment of the Ummah. This paved a way to work in that direction and a privileged few designed a broader plan which was pronounced to an elite crowd, at Allama Iqbal’s Day, celebrated in January 2019 in North Mumbai.

Our spiritual guide and mentor, then gave a patient hearing to a project in 2019, drafted on the possibilities and opportunities that can be worked upon. He, then, made a core committee for the project who brainstormed after successful visits to various institutions in India, thereby resulting in the establishment of Dar us Saqalain Foundation in the year 2020. The name attributes to our spiritual guide, and is also significant from Hadith al Saqalain which is a mutawatir tradition and refers to the two weighty treasures, Quran, the Divine revelation (for theoretic purpose) and Ahlul Bayt, the Prophetic household (for practical purpose), which paves our path.

Our mission is intertwining faith and modern needs of mankind, through a network of educational institutions having state of the art infrastructure. This foundation has been established with the sole purpose of fostering a holistic environment of learning, for a new generation of leaders. It is about configuring an ethos and pedagogy of education whose interaction with the direct environment is key to its framing and application.

We as a generation have unprecedented access to a vast array of information and unique experiences. In this new world, there are various new studies and technologies existing that continuously transform how we live and work. Hence, it’s imperative to adopt new advances of all fields, essential to our lives across the geographies.

The foundation intends to commence with establishment of International Schools having English as the medium of instruction, with state of the art infrastructure integrated with latest technological tools and techniques, planned in such a way, where students and scholars can live, study and pray together and also have space for discovery and discussion, reflection and revision. Furthermore, several other institutions for College and Degree levels, affiliated to Indian and Foreign Universities also form a part of the proposed initiatives. In short, we intend to integrate Islamic teaching framework with modern education, technology and research.

For the same, we would definitely call upon the Ummah, to support this noble cause so that generations benefit through these institutions and allow us to spread our wings and soar, Allah willing. Let’s contribute today in whatever manner we can, so that we flourish tomorrow.

We express gratitude to our Lord for His infinite bounties bestowed upon us, and we ask for His blessings to make us judicious and dutiful servants of this sacred mission, only for His pleasure.

With gratitude,
Shaahid Y. Shaikh
President, Dar us Saqalain Foundation